Intellectual Property Lawyer in Ahmedabad

Patent Trademark Advocate in Ahmedabad

Patent & Trademark Advocate in Ahmedabad

In today's date, intellectual property has its importance, and it is the most valuable assets of all the rising businesses present in the global market. Adv. Parth Raval is the best intellectual property lawyer in Ahmedabad, provides a complete range of services in the field of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property rights include patent, trademarks, copyrights, geological indications, etc. Being the responsible patent attorney in Ahmedabad. Adv. Parth Raval gives services according to the client requirement to protect their Intellectual property rights (IPR).

Adv. Parth Raval advises and assists the client on:

  • Drafting & Filing
  • Patents
  • Business Process
  • Prosecution
  • International Trade Commission Proceedings
  • Trade Secret Litigation
  • Information Technology and Transactions
  • The opposition of applications of Trademarks

Adv. Parth Raval main focus is to avoid the pitfalls posed by third-party assertions of IP rights. For that, he makes the best plan or strategy for the client to come out from that condition. If you are going through such a situation and want to come out, then it would be better to hire a good IP lawyer, and Parth Raval is the best option for you.

If you are struggling with a business problem, then the intervention of business lawyer will help you to get rid of the problem. Parth Raval handles many business-related cases and won it that’s the reason he is popular as the best advocate in Ahmedabad.

Why Parth Raval for Trademark or Patent Registration

Parth Raval is also famous as trademark lawyer and patent lawyer in Ahmedabad. The work of a trademark lawyer is to choose a trademark after ensuring compliance with the Indian legal norms, and it helps to the reduction in chances of rejection of a trademark application.

After the first step, the second step is "filing", and it has a specific requirement that can be deal by experienced trademark attorney in India like Parth Raval. The answer of why to choose a trademark attorney as Parth Raval is that, the expertise of a trained eye makes all process very simple. Years of experience has made Parth Raval a specialist in fighting all kinds of cases, and he leads you to victory to prove this.