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Labour Lawyer Ahmedabad

Indian Labour law only working for safeguarding and protecting the interest of workers and employees. The labour law is used to deal with any kinds of discrimination or abuse of any person in the workplace. This institution establishes for the benefit of labour.

The role of labour lawyer is to address the labour's issue which includes

  • Labour law compliance
  • Provision of labour law audit services
  • Provision of labour law related advisory services
  • Drafting of firm’s human resource policy
  • Handling Litigation in cases related to workplace discrimination

Being the best labour law consultant in Ahmedabad, Parth Raval effectively handles all these issues.

Labour Advocate Ahmedabad
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Labour Lawyer Ahmedabad

Adv. Parth Raval is one of the best advocates in Ahmedabad, who is known for his work and service that he gives to his client for a long time. Adv. Parth Raval is also a well-known property lawyer and divorce lawyer in Ahmedabad.

Why hire Adv. Parth Raval as a labour lawyer in Ahmedabad?

Labour law helps all labour to get their rights. To fight for rights, in the labour court, everyone needs an experienced lawyer who solves the problem and gives justice to them.

There are many strong reasons to hire labour lawyer Ahmedabad. If you feel any kind of discriminated behaviour or harassment by your boss, you were fired from a job without any reason, your boss forced to sign a contract which consists of some improper terms and conditions, your boss not ready to give any benefits which were stated in your employment contract, your firm doesn’t permit single sick leave and for such kinds of many different reasons, you can contact to Adv. Parth Raval.

If you are looking for a representative who will stand by you and listen to your issue carefully and give 100% assurance to fulfil your all rights then, Adv. Parth Raval is the right person that you are looking for. He handles different kinds of cases like divorce cases, property cases, criminal cases etc. and, he is also known for his valuable advice on a business-related issue and, that’s the reason he is also famous as the best business lawyer in Ahmedabad.

If you are from Ahmedabad and you want to handle any legal conflict between an organization and an employee. It will always require an experienced labour lawyer in Ahmedabad. Adv. Parth Raval is specialized in smooth handling of the crucial situation and sort out the messy thing between organization and employee and fix all the problems correctly.